Alex Baker

September 16, 2021

Bringing a vision to life is an exciting time for any company and this is true of the Verrier journey. Like so many emergent concepts in 2021, Verrier’s origins date back to March 2020 — the time that the world stood still.

The team behind Verrier has knowledge and experience of building and developing websites for companies and organisations all over the world but they could sense a disconnect — a gap — between ‘just’ brick and mortar businesses and those who had managed to create a digital presence too. Why did so many locally-based companies seem to be reluctant to make the leap online?

Working to help get companies online quickly during lockdown, Verrier’s CEO, Alex Baker, was having the same conversation over and over again. They hadn’t gone online before because there wasn’t a working model that worked for them. They worried about cost, design and functionality and customer support.

Brands felt that they only had a choice between a bespoke website with a hefty price tag of thousands attached or a build-it-yourself and maintain-it-yourself cookie cutter site from web giants, like Wix. There didn’t seem to be a middle ground — until now.

Until Verrier.

Verrier is driven by one simple concept — to get as many businesses online quickly with a beautifully designed website tailored to their requirements, at an affordable, fixed monthly fee. It means that businesses can keep grafting away at their own frontline, while Verrier takes care of the build, design, development, launch and updates for less than the price of a daily takeaway coffee.

And talking of money…

Verrier isn’t just about cost. It’s about a smarter way of doing things. Using blockchain technology, the Verrier platform has its own native cryptocurrency called the Verrier token built on the Binance Smart Chain. Used in all Verrier platform transactions, token users are then able to access every part of the platform. With a total token supply of 2 billion (800 million in circulation), we’ll burn 5% of all Verrier tokens used in the purchase of our services on the Verrier platform; this is to both keep inflation under control and reassure our users of the Verrier token’s value. Verrier platform users can access the Verrier dashboard, via our mobile app, to manage their websites, hosting, wallet and access to our support services.

Leave no (carbon) footprint



The Verrier team are strong advocates for sustainability and working in a way that not only offsets their own carbon footprint, but also seeks to offset the impact of others on our planet — for every service purchased from our platform, trees will be planted to 5% of the value paid in our virtual company forest. We’ve partnered with Ecologi to transform our digital trees in to real trees that are planted all over the world as well as investing in carbon reduction projects across the developing world.

Verrier Technologies is led from the front by Alex Baker, CEO, and Frederik Lund, Cryptocurrency and Legal Advisor. Alex has run several successful web design companies, with Verrier a very natural part of his evolution. Frederik is an experienced and highly skilled expert in bringing new crypto-based businesses to life.

Verrier users can count on:
Bespoke Websites
Worldwide Server Locations
Human Support
Secure & Intuitive Dashboard Metrics
Dedicated Account Managers
The safe and secure Verrier Crypto Wallet
Mobile App
Community & Transparency

More news to follow soon.

– Alex Baker