The Verrier token sets the Verrier platform apart from other website providers. Be part of the great leap forward.

Verrier is very proud to have their own Cryptocurrency. Blockchain technology is one of the most secure methods behind modern business operations, but it is how we will use our Cryptocurrency that is most important. Used in all transactions on the Verrier platform, the token allows users to participate in every activity on the Verrier platform.

The Verrier token is simply the way in which we will leverage technology to deliver the optimum outcome for all our clients. We will only ever produce 2 billion Verrier tokens. We are fully committed to the Verrier’s value and plan to burn 5% of all Verrier tokens used in the purchase of Verrier platform services. As well as helping to control inflation, this burn will help to stabilize the token’s value and protect your Cryptocurrency as is sits in your Crypto wallet. 

The Verrier Whitepaper

Verrier Technologies has set their vision out in the Verrier Whitepaper, which we invite you to read. It contains detailed information about Verrier roadmap to launch and the Verrier token infrastructure.