Verrier is the smart answer for businesses who want to take their brand online, without costing the Earth or at any cost to the Earth.

The Verrier concept has been developed in response to the available website options out there. Businesses can either pay thousands to get online or they can spend their budget with the big guys but do most of the work themselves. Verrier is the affordable and responsible alternative for businesses who need to go online but who need to focus on their business too.

Verrier’s fixed monthly fee secures your space on the internet and it includes everything that you’ll need to go live and updated moving forward. Using blockchain technology and offering the Verrier token as the platform’s native cryptocurrency, Verrier has made a commitment to doing things differently. As well as controlling inflation, with 5% of Verrier tokens used to pay for services on the platform burned forever, the brand has partnered with Ecologi to plant trees in our virtual company forest, matched by real forests all over the world and by investing carbon reducing projects in the developing world.


Valentin Avletti

Lead Platform

Priscilla Bittencourt

Lead Visual

Fajle Rabbi

Lead Frontend

Arif Sikder


Mohamed Mansour

Lead Blockchain

Alex Baker
Frederik Lund


Arafat Ovi

UI / UX Designer