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with Verrier

Why We Are Different?

Verrier is one of a kind.

We tailor what we do to fit in around our clients’ needs and budgets – we design, develop and deliver beautiful websites at an affordable, monthly fixed price using blockchain technology that we’re controlling. Sustainability runs through our core and our Company Forest. Our clients can count on their own account manager, instant access to customer support and a one-tap app to help you manage their Verrier sites.

Our Token

The Verrier token is our cryptocurrency and it’s been created to power what we do on the platform, rather than lead or influence our decisions. It is safe and secure and can either be stored in your Crypto Wallet or drawn down for conversion. Token holders can access all Verrier functionality. We will burn 5% of all Verrier tokens used in the purchase of our services on the Verrier platform, to keep inflation under control and protect the Verrier token’s value.

Digital Dashboard

Understand your digital brand inside out with the Verrier dashboard. Monitor your website’s activity – including visitor numbers and the length of time they spend on your site – so that you can make critical business decisions. A great way to access our customer support team too.


Bespoke Websites

Worldwide Server Locations

Human Support

Secure & Intuitive Dashboard

Dedicated Account Managers

Crypto Wallet

Mobile App

Community & Transparency

Choose your Plan

Fix your monthly cost to suit your budget – don’t forget, your plan includes everything that you’ll need to get your website live and running smoothly.





No upfront fee

The monthly fee includes: bespoke design and development, monthly hosting as well as any content updates to the website once live. 

We plant 25 🌲 trees per month






No upfront fee

The monthly fee includes: bespoke design and development, monthly hosting as well as any content updates to the website once live. 

We plant 30 🌲 trees per month






No upfront fee

The monthly fee includes: bespoke design and development, monthly hosting as well as any content updates to the website once live.

We plant 50 🌲 trees per month


Additional Bolt-On




Need an Online Store
(eCommerce Web Design)?

Simply add our eCommerce bolt-on to any web design plan. Our feature-rich online stores provide everything you’ll need to sell products and grow a thriving eCommerce business.

Create Unlimited Products

Set shipping costs

Accept payments online

Offer discount codes

Product reviews

Orders dashboard / reporting

Product variations

Stock management

Frequently Asked Questions

A website now is more important than ever. When COVID-19 restrictions struck,  many businesses were forced online with brick-and-mortar shops forbidden from opening. Your website is the digital face of your business – it’s usually the first thing that people see. Not having one can mean that you’re losing out on business because you’re not visible online. 

If you have a physical shop, it still makes good business sense to have a website. It’s your online point-of-contact for purchase, news, opening times and staying in touch with your customers even when your store is shut. It’s good for your target market, but it is a great way to help new customers to find you. Your website opens your business up to not only the local area but also the entire country or world – with a world full of sales opportunities with it. More and more people are shopping online and this is your opportunity to get online with a Verrier website for a minimal fee.

Yes, our eCommerce add-on package is available. For a small add-on fee, you can sell products through your website. This package comes with a secured SSL (the green bar in the browser to show your site is secure) so buyers know that your site is trustworthy. We also can link your Stripe or SquareUp payment accounts to the website.

If you are unsure about what website you should have, please feel free to contact our support using the support email, [email protected] We have packages that will suit your requirements so we can definitely help you whatever your needs.

Websites can range from small amounts to thousands – but not at Verrier. We’re here to put an end to small businesses having to pay thousands and getting ripped off by companies that overcharge for bespoke websites.  For a small monthly fee, you can walk away with a fully managed, custom-designed bespoke website. 

Yes, absolutely, but there’s every chance you would have done it by now if you have the time and expertise. Building a website and then looking after it can be, for most people, incredibly time-consuming task. You might also have to resort to using a predesigned template which makes you compromise on your brand credentials. The last thing that most business owners want to do is have to spend time tinkering around with their website when they could/should/would be running their business. At Verrier, we alleviate that stress and manage it all for you.

A domain name is the most important factor of website – your domain name is your online website address. This will be what people type in, or Google, to view your website (e.g. verrier.io). Having a great domain name is one of the most important parts of bringing your business online as it’s the name that will be associated with your business emails, website and anything to do with your brand digitally.

With our pay monthly plans, you won’t need to make any updates – we take care of that on your instruction. We update your website regularly, including the latest security updates, and we manage any content updates on your behalf – all you have to do is send us a message with the requested updates and they will be completed within 24-48 hours.

All of our customer service agents can help you with anything to do with the Verrier platform. For each website you have created with us, you are assigned a dedicated web design account manager (this will be the same manager for all website plans you have with us) and for general support, (our wallet, hosting and other services) all of our customer service agents available at the point of contact are trained to deal with any query.